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Working with an architect can help you create a unique design that meets your needs and budget.
Architects can provide valuable advice on building materials and methods.
They can provide insight into zoning and other regulatory issues that may affect the project.

About our Services

Utilizing our exceptional experience and knowledge of the luxury waterfront markets,we serve an extensive and elite worldwide client base. 

Benefits of Architectural Services

Architectural services can provide a number of benefits to clients. Working with an architect can help clients create a unique design that meets their needs and budget. Architects can provide valuable advice on building materials and construction methods.

Architects can also provide cost-saving solutions and help ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. In addition, they can provide insight into zoning and other regulatory issues that may affect the project.

What is Architectural Services?

Architectural services are services offered by professionals who design and plan buildings and their interiors. Architects provide a variety of services, from conceptual design to building construction.

Architects work with clients to develop an overall plan for a building, including technical and aesthetic considerations. They also work with contractors and other professionals to ensure that the building meets all safety and building codes.

How to prepare for a consultation?

Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask the architect
and send the projection in advance

Architectural consultations

During the consultation call, we will help you with the following:

-Assistance in project conception
-Assistance with style selection
-Assistance in kitchen layout
-Verification of the layout of the apartment / house / office and others
-Consultation in the selection of materials
-Color selection
-Assistance in the choice of buying an apartment
-Assistance in rapid metamorphosis
And other architectural issues with which you need help.

The consultation lasts, depending on the offer purchased, from 1-3h and costs depending on 300-900 PLN

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use this guide to familiarize yourself with rules, laws and other important information relating to cooperation

The average time to complete the service varies and depends on the individual circumstances of the project:

1 room – about 3 weeks
Apartment – about 6-8 weeks
House – about 2-3 months

Visualization is a computer-generated photorealistic photo showing the new look of the rooms.

This is the preparation of a property for sale or rental. The goal is to sell the property faster and get a higher amount, in order to bring out the potential of the interior with a minimum of expense.

Yes. It is then necessary to send a drawing with the dimensions of the room and detailed photos of the interior. However, I am not responsible for any errors resulting from the wrong dimensions of the room.

We make a design quotation by e-mail on the basis of the given square meterage and photos, or we come to the place where the service is performed, make a preliminary inventory of the rooms and send the quotation by e-mail.
If you decide to use my service, a design contract is signed and a 30% deposit is collected. Signing the contract is equivalent to booking a date and starting design work.
Then the design process begins:
STAGE I: Inventory (measurement) of rooms and photographic documentation. Interview with the client about expectations from the designed interior, analysis of functional needs and aesthetic preferences of the client.

STAGE II: Conceptual design of the interior (overhead projection of the rooms, arrangement of the functional layout, distribution of lighting points, selection of colors and furniture, preliminary 3D model of the room).

STAGE III: Visualization of the interior (photos showing the new appearance of the rooms along with selected materials).

The Home Stager will objectively assess the property and identify defects and problems that prevent the sale or rental of the property. He will improve the visual appearance of the interior and take care to solve every detail to bring out the potential of the interior. A homeowner is not always aware of what constitutes a problem in selling a property. He often evaluates his interior too emotionally and fails to see the further vision of the interior development.

A finished and refined interior will attract potential customers and increase the selling price of the property. Nowadays, the potential customer is very busy and does not have the time or desire to renovate the apartment/location.

A professional photo shoot and highlighting the advantages of the interior greatly increases the chance of interest in your property.

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What are our clients saying
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Our customers and their opinion is very important to us, here some of their opinions about us

Max Mukoida
Excellent team!
Good quality business, had a chance to find a perfect apartment in Krakow and arrange mortgage for it. Very responsive and open for any questions (special thanks to Jakub Pająk), highly recommended for those who wants to deal with professional attitude company.
Anna Pantoł
Jakość, Profesjonalizm, Wartość
Miałam przyjemność współpracować z firmą Harveo przy okazji zakupu mieszkania oraz ubiegania się o kredyt. Polecam Panów ze względu na profesjonalne podejście oraz dużą pomoc jaką mogłam uzyskać. Bardzo odpowiadała mi forma kontaktu oraz przepływ informacji. Oprócz pomocy w uzyskaniu kredytu otrzymałam również pomoc w zakresie ubezpieczenia na życie oraz ubezpieczenia mieszkania. Jeżeli będzie potrzeba na pewno podejmę ponowną współpracę. GORĄCO POLECAM!
Deborah Woodruff
Highly recommended
Very professional and inteligent team. They can steer you through the bureaucracy with ease and go out of their way to provide a tailored service, specific to your needs. Highly recommended and they speak excellent English for those who are like me and haven’t yet mastered Polish!


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