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We're experienced professionals driven by ambition and passion


We are a passion-driven company, and we stand out because of being empathetic, committed, highly moral and ethical. This is a direct outcome of our characters and inner beliefs. We employ only those professionals who represent the above-mentioned qualities, which guarantees us a great atmosphere and you a professional approach. We act out of passion. The gratification that comes from the satisfaction of our customers – is priceless.


I build brands in the Harveo Group out of ambition, satisfaction and, above all, the great fun of facing daily challenges of adversity, the market, bureaucracy and all sorts of other daily fires that cannot be written down in the most original scenarios. My excessive energy and curiosity about the World is being discharged by development as an entrepreneur. Over time, as an outcome of consistent performance, profit has emerged, which became funding numerous private passions. I believe that work can and should be a fun adventure, and that customer relations and team atmosphere are the absolute core areas that build a healthy and powerful enterprise foundation.


In an era of a highly capitalistic market and marketing that pursues the maximization of profits at all costs (often of quality and fairness), I believe that we win by acting differently from those “modern” standards. We have opted for quality, trust and long-term relationships with our customers – and these are not empty words. While it sounds ordinary, there are not many companies left in the industry that remain boutique and consistent with unique values in the relentlessly accelerating pursuit of profit.

Jacob Adam Pajak

Founder & President of the Board

Harveo Real Estate Team

If you want the best care possible for your real estate our professionals are here to help

Harveo Real Estate Team

If you want the best care possible for your real estate our professionals are here to help

+48 12 352 12 12

Jakub Adam Pajak

Founder & President of the Board | Senior Financial & Real Estate Specialist

+48 12 352 12 12

+12 352 12 12

Justyna Karaś

Architect & Real Estate Specialist

+12 352 12 12

+48 786 642 013

Gabriela Lis

Financial Specialist

+48 786 642 013


Some of our Customer's reviews

Barbara Sennerstam
I highly recommend Harveo Finance - real professionals in the field and a lot of experience with not only polish but also ex-pat clients. They will walk you through the process and take care of most of the details that are required while applying for the loan. We've got all the support that was needed every step of the way!
Vineetha Rohit
Highly recommended! Both Jacob and Seweryn are very professional. All of our questions were answered in detail and on time. Had great experience throughout the process. Seweryn was extremely helpful in our case and has often gone extra mile to support! 🙂
Deborah Woodruff
Very professional and inteligent team. They can steer you through the bureaucracy with ease and go out of their way to provide a tailored service, specific to your needs. Highly recommended and they speak excellent English for those who are like me and haven’t yet mastered Polish!
Yang Su
I’m impressed by their knowledge and professionalism for the financial services, I definitely recommend if you need any financial help/advices in Krakow, and they speak very good English 👍👍👍
Adil Benhammou
Harveo is an incredible service, for us foreigners living abroad and seeking for financial advice, they are the best. When I came with them with a difficult situation, they received me with open hands and to analyse and execute all possible solutions, incredible customer service. Highlighting this last point, I have to mention Karolina, a completely incredible financial advisor with an enormous knowledge in the area. She helped me all the way through and gave me very good tips in order to arrange all financial matters. If you are seeking for financial advice, do not hesitate to contact them!
Max Mukoida
Good quality business, had a chance to find a decent apartment in Krakow and arrange mortgage for it. Very responsive and open for any questions (special thanks to Jakub Pająk), highly recommended for those who wants to deal with professional attitude company.

Harveo Real Estate

As a whole group of all Harveo brands, we are constantly developing and enhancing our services to perform and deliver the highest possible quality

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